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The one and only

Sea Breeze was founded in 2006 by Emin Agalarov and initially consisted of a hotel, a restaurant and a small beach.

Today, Sea Breeze occupies an area of ​​more than 180 hectares and brings more than 15 ready and ongoing construction projects, includes more than 10 restaurants, cafes and bars, 14 swimming pools, social facilities and 5.5 km of landscaped beach area. This beautiful, modern resort city attracts people from different countries. Sea Breeze also offers a variety of accommodation options to suit different preferences. More than 10,000 residents have already chosen their dream home in Sea Breeze. We invite you to make your dream come true!

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We choose the best materials and advanced technologies for the construction of facilities. Thanks to this, buildings turn out the way they were intended – sometimes one might find our 3d visualizations difficult to distinguish from real photographs of buildings. Quality, aesthetics, attention to detail - that's what makes Sea Breeze notable.



We are not just building up the territory: we are developing it so that our residents can live here all year round. Therefore, dozens of restaurants and cafes, pharmacies and medical services, a school and a kids club, sports grounds and a fitness center, a shopping complex and a convenience store are already operating in Sea Breeze. And this list is by no means all we create for our residents’ comfort.


Sea Breeze Resort is a unique resort complex on the picturesque coast of the Caspian Sea. Book now and get the best price!